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Rise Longevity Club is a newly established platform that aims to promote and support longevity entrepreneurs, research, education, and advocacy in Asia.


Rise Longevity Club serves as a community hub for individuals interested in extending the human lifespan and improving the quality of life as we age. Rise Longevity Club is a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to exploring the frontiers of longevity.


Committed to fostering scientific advancements and empowering individuals in their pursuit of extended health span and lifespan, this pioneering club provides a networking platform for collaboration, education, and innovation.

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In the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, Dr. Christine HUANG Yuan, a renowned scientific entrepreneur, and Elena Liapounova, a dynamic recruitment founder and businesswoman, serendipitously crossed paths via mutual connections in the autumn of 2022. Bonding over their shared passion for longevity field, they recognized an untapped opportunity to create a pioneering venture. Christine and Elena recognized that “longevity” has already become a mainstream concept on a global scale, with many regions worldwide embracing the pursuit of a longer and healthier lifespan. However, they realized that the term "longevity" was relatively unknown in Hong Kong, and had yet to gain widespread recognition and understanding within the local community. Motivated by the vision to bridge the gap between cutting-edge longevity science and Hong Kong community, they decided to co-found the "Rise Longevity Club". This innovative platform aims to host regular meetings, workshops, and seminars to spread the knowledge, foster collaboration among longevity experts from around the world, and inspire individuals to adopt a longevity mindset to health and wellness, ultimately promoting "longevity" as a mainstream concept in Hong Kong.

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Rise Longevity Club aims to spread the word about Longevity field in Hong Kong and host regular meetings, workshops, and seminars to disseminate knowledge, foster collaboration among experts, and inspire individuals to adopt a longevity approach to health and wellness, ultimately promoting longevity as a mainstream concept in Hong Kong.
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Meet the Founders

Elena Liapounova


Elena is an accomplished executive recruiter who has successfully interviewed over 20,000 executives throughout her career. She has earned her reputation on Wall Street working for Barclays Bank, NASDAQ OMX, and JP Morgan Chase in talent acquisition to assemble their trading technology, AI, and C-Suite teams globally.

In 2019 Elena decided to explore the life sciences field and apply her strong executive and technology recruiting skillset to bridge the gap between AI talent and healthcare. While working on C-level searches, she deeply connected with founders and VCs in the emerging field of longevity and realized an existing gap in finding the right talent to develop science and technology breakthroughs for her clients.

As a result, she launched Ai4Best Longevity Search, the only longevity-focused advisory recruiting firm dedicated to help entrepreneurs build their founding teams from the ground up.

Elena is a global citizen, co-author, and has traveled to 80+ countries.
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Elena Liapounova


A4Best Longevity Search
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Christine HUANG Yuan


HK Longevity Medical Centre

Christine HUANG Yuan


Dr. Christine HUANG Yuan is the Technology Transfer Director of Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab, Founder and Managing Director of HK Longevity Medical Center and Venture Partner of LongeVC . She is also a Senior Research Associate at the University of Hong Kong. Christine was selected as one of Forbes China 2020 “30 Under 30 (Healthcare and Science)”, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK). She is also a member of the Advisory Board of Wing Wah Charity Foundation Hong Kong, and a columnist to Forbes China.


Christine was elected as a Fellow of Guangzhou Youth Federation in Nov 2022. Christine graduated from Southern Medical University with Doctor of Medicine, and obtained a Master’s degree from the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong and later trained in the neurology department of Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong, where she participated in several large-scale international clinical trials. Dr. Huang is skilled in translational medicine, especially in the fields of AI-driven medicine, age-associated diseases.

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